Kathy & Dave

Kathy & Dave consider the Adirondack Mountains of NY our home. We love to hike and travel, exploring the world around us. Dave retired from the National Park Service after 30 years and had the opportunity to live in National Parks like Redwood, Shendandoah,Death Valley, Biscayne, American Memorial Park (in Saipan/Guam), and others. He last park before retiring was the Blue Ridge Parkway where he was actively involved with establishing the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Kathy has extensive experience in the medical field, from pushing papers to working with patients. Currently both work for the same hospital: Dave as an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and Kathy in the Revenue Cycle Division as the Director of PFS.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge near Salt Lake City

We had a great morning seeing some awesome birds, most up close.¬† Great blue herons, snowy egrets, white pelicans, sandhill cranes, stilts, swallows, ibises….how many do you recognize?

A great app to help ID birds on your phone can be downloaded free. For more information, go to merlin.allaboutbirds.org or look for the app on your phone.

Birthday in Buffalo

The birthday (Lisa) in Buffalo and the surrounding area was a jam packed week………..we started the week with a “Taste of Buffalo” a taste bud sensation that whetted our appetite to learn more about Buffalo. We jetted down the Niagara River and then toured the historic Fort Niagara on Monday. Tuesday saw us at the harbor where we toured the USS Little Rock, USS Sullivan, and USS Croaker¬† and had an opportunity to learn some more about history. Wednesday the big BIRTHDAY we went to Goat Island State Park and then crossed to the Canadian side to view Niagara Falls from both vantage points. Great day was had by all. Thursday was spent at Letchworth State Park, one of my fav’s, where we got to see a rainbow over the falls and had an amazing dinner with some special people. Friday we slowed down a bit had lunch and then relaxed around the area.

Buffalo, New York 15 July 2019

Buffalo, NY who knew there was so much going on? The day started out slowly, but rapidly progressed to a fast paced day in Buffalo. A lunch at a charming cafe started out our adventures and then we were off to our Niagara Jet Boat tour. A mad dash down the Niagara River where we were jetted through some rapids and were lucky enough to get close to the whirlpool. A drenching adrenaline rushed ride.

Slowing down the pace we went to Niagara Fort and soaked in the history of the area while our hair dried in the warm summer sunshine. Mexican food and dessert capped off a perfect day in Buffalo. Looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer us.

Canadian Maritime Provinces Lodging

A trip through the Canadian Maritime Provinces was full of surprises, one which was lodging. Inexpensive and classy……….for the most part set the tone for the trip. Our first stop Quebec we stayed at a B&B in the heart of the city, within walking distance to the old city center. The room, was unique to say the least. The room was dominated by a large queen size bed, with a deep Jacuzzi tub equally as big!! The shower, with no curtains was smack dab above the tub. Showering in Quebec offered us an unique “show” that thankfully was limited in its audience. The toilet is a story into itself!!! Best left for another time.
Our next stop was St John in New Brunswick, a lovely B&B that has been in existence since the 1800’s. Stopping there provided us with the opportunity to speak with someone from China to get some insights into our future travel to that country. Wrapped in a soft fluffy bathrobe provided by the B&B was a nice end to a long day of driving. Hometown B&B hosts were gracious and accommodating and it was a lovely night in St. John’s.
The next day we set off early to take the 0700 ferry to Halifax. We visited the NP and hiked in both fair and foul weather, enjoyable all the way around. After a long day of hiking though we needed to find another place to stay. We lucked out and picked the low cost Worthington Oceanside Resort and Spa in Musquodoboit Harbour where we had the place to ourselves. The spa featured hot tub, steam room, sauna, free kayaks, pool table, drums, and a screened in porch where we had a lovely view of the loons on the lake.
Next stop we stayed in our very own little cabin at Igonish in Cape Breton. Our cabin located a short walk to the beach where we strolled on the beach and dodged the waves coming into shore. We hiked a trail that meandered through pine forests, open fields, and to the edge of the ocean where the forest met the sea in a stunning fashion.
An overnight accommodation on the ferry that took us from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland was not glamorous or especially comfortable, but traveling at night on a boat was a novel way to get from point A to point B.
Out last bit of sleep on dry land in Canada was located in Gros Morne National Park where we stayed for two days. The most traditional lodging during our trip, a regular hotel, but it did boast our own little deck easily accessed from an outside door in our room. Convenient access to watch the sun set over the water and one of the most beautiful sunsets during our entire trip.
Another overnight trip on the ferry rounded out the last night in Canada before we set off to head back to the states. A long drive to Maine was our next to last stop on our trip. We knew we were in America where the prices were high and the accommodations not as nice. Still felt good to be home where gas was cheaper and money did not look “funny.”
Our last night was spent at the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury, VT famous for the Newhart Show. In the show Bob and his wife leave a hectic life in NY and buy a beautiful inn in Vermont. The inn lived up to its reputation, the beautiful winding stairs, amazing decor, beautiful woodwork and gardens made it a memorable stay.


First day on our trip to Canada. Our first stop on our journey is the lovely city of Quebec. After checking into our hotel we toured the old city including the old world style chateau, the citadel, and saw the Parliament Building. A stop for “pizza” and a drink at an Irish pub rounded out the first few hours. We tried to get into Notre Dame Cathedral the oldest parish north of Mexico, but it was closed for the evening. We did tour the grounds of a 350 year old seminary.

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