A feminine point of view on packing for a trip around the world

As we researched what it took to take a trip around the world, an aspect not many people think about: How do I take everything I need? Along those lines, what, exactly, do I need? This should be the first question. Once you have that list, you need to figure out what will fit in the confines of the luggage you expect to take. Now is time for the compromise!!

As part of this process, I watched multiple videos on YouTube related to packing for trips around the world. Unfortunately, their reality did not meet mine. It became readily apparent that most videos were made by young men and women who needed less clothes or items than a older traveler. While not geriatric, my days of living in a bikini and going commando daily have long since passed.

Along the way multiple missteps were made. The first one was buying luggage based on a 20-year-old petite young lady’s “ideal” luggage. The luggage arrived. That is when I came to the realization that, in this instance, instead of being a comprise on what I took, it would be more akin to deprivation of basic comforts. Having to chose between underwear or pants was not a choice I was willing to make. Time for more research.

In comes a larger sized luggage. I settled on a 70-liter bag – the Osprey Fairview, one of the best pieces of luggage on the market. One of the reasons I like this backpack is that it has a zip-off day pack for ease of transport. The ideal number of bags consists of one piece of luggage to be checked in and one day pack as a carryon, since many international flights have limited luggage allowances. The Osprey Fairview gives me both of these.

What does my packing list include???? At least 7 days of clothes in order to get through a whole week between laundry days. Board shorts instead of bikini since it “suits” two purposes, shorts and bathing suit. A skort instead of skirt because it looks good but I can bend over!!! A fud?? Google it!! Then Google squat toilets in Nepal and you will understand why I have two of these. Nuff’ said!! A missal to follow Mass in a language that I do not understand. Several sweatshirts that are thin allowing me to layer, so “weather” it is cold or warm, I can adapt. I have a monochrome wardrobe, allowing me to mix and match. A spork. For for a klutz who cannot learn chopsticks, this could become a link between satiation and starvation. It also allows for eating in non-routine places like grocery or convenience stores.

I managed to fit my entire list of items (see “packing lists” above) in one 55-liter backpack and one detachable 15-liter day pack. Excited!! Seven weeks and counting. Two months from today I will be basking in the summer sun of New Zealand!!