Gibraltar 05/07/2023 Planet of the Apes

Today saw us head for the British Territory of Gibraltar, a peninsula on the southern coast of Spain.  The beginning started out rough as we did circles around Seville trying to escape the endless traffic circles/round-abouts  that seems to be everywhere.  Dave swears the female voice of the GPS units was chuckling at one point after telling him which road to take for the fourth time.  Finally we made it to a long stretch of freeway and we were off to go to our next destination. Arriving at the border crossing from Spain to Gibraltar, we were excited to start exploring. An early lunch, and soon we were headed off to conquer the Rock of Gibraltar! We climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, panting in the hot heat of the (nearly) African sun. Finally nearing the top we saw a place for ice cream where Kathy gratefully picked out a mint ice cream bar. Ready to head outside, we were admonished to not take any food outside as the macaques that hang around the café will steal any food, and they don’t understand the word “no”. Sinking into an inside chair we enjoyed the cool of the ice cream and the comfort of the chairs. Outside the monkeys waited for any unsuspecting tourists who didn’t listen to the shopkeeper and we saw one gobbling down an ice cream, presumably stolen.  Trudging up the last stretch of the long climb, we finally arrived at the top where we relaxed and enjoyed a soda pop as we waited for the tram to take us down. (Kathy did question why did we walk up and take the tram down…..shouldn’t we have taken the tram up and walked down?? Wouldn’t that be easier?)  Standing in line, there were two indolent monkeys hanging around the tram. Or were they indolent? It was all a ruse. Stealthfully, as Dave stood in line for the tram, one jumped on Dave’s backpack from behind, grabbed his chums that hold his sunglasses around his neck, and sprinted off. Dave, looking around astounded, saw the money hanging out on a rail trying to eat his cloth chums. Dave did his best Charlton Heston imitation and yelled, “Keep your paws off me you dang, dirty ape!”  He walked towards the monkey, gesturing and trying to “scare” him into giving them up. The monkey’s mother made noises and gestures to Dave that roughly translates to, “You snooze, you lose, buddy!”  The young monkey waved his paw and scampered off. Dave followed him up the stairs, maybe to make a citizen’s arrest, but the monkey got rid of the evidence. Dave looked to see where he discarded the chums, to no avail.  No criminal collar today for him.

Enjoying the ride down we soon were off to find out car and head to Algeciras our home away from home for the next two days.   Trying to find dinner before settling in for an early night was another adventure.  We were told there is no dinner available anywhere in town until around 8 or 9 pm.  We walked around town trying to find something, ANYTHING, to eat.  No dice.  Crestfallen, we headed back to the hotel.  Felling weak and puckish, they decided to order room service once it was available… at 8 PM.  At least the chicken and vegetable dish was very good.  Finally, something fell their way before the end of the day.

Early tomorrow morning we are off to catch the 9 am ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morroco.  Should be an interesting day!