T-90 and counting–Playing tourists in our own backyard

T minus 90 days and counting until we begin our Round the World Trip!!!!

Today, we got to be tourists in our own backyard. Right on time, Tristan, his sister Beverly, and his brother-in-law Tony picked us up in front of our apartment. We drove to White Face Summit, a peak ~~4600 feet that seemed to be the most popular destination in northern NY. The drive meandered through Lake Placid, passed the North Pole,  and through Wilmington. Traffic came to a crawl as we neared the summit and then a dead stop approximately ½ mile before the gate where we paid our outrageous fee (or what I thought was an outrageous fee—I was wrong) to get through the gates.

After a nice lunch overlooking the beautiful views of Lake Placid we set out to conquer the summit of White Face. The elevator which usually takes the masses of leaf peepers to the top of the summit was broke.  So we set off on foot to climb the craggy rocks which took the more adventurous to the top of the summit. The uneven boulders and steep climb up to the summit gave us ample excuses to stop and enjoy views. The top of the summit was worth every penny and I would have paid more to enjoy the views. Whiteface summit gave the intrepid trekkers who braved the slippery rocks a 360 degree view of the amazing beauty of fall in Northern NY. The joy in seeing the vivid red, bright yellow, and sunburst orange leaves, interspersed with splashes of green from the pine trees, was nature at its finest. As we count down to our trip around the world, I am reminded that some of the most beautiful sights are right in your own backyard.


Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge near Salt Lake City

We had a great morning seeing some awesome birds, most up close.  Great blue herons, snowy egrets, white pelicans, sandhill cranes, stilts, swallows, ibises….how many do you recognize?

A great app to help ID birds on your phone can be downloaded free. For more information, go to merlin.allaboutbirds.org or look for the app on your phone.

Birthday in Buffalo

The birthday (Lisa) in Buffalo and the surrounding area was a jam packed week………..we started the week with a “Taste of Buffalo” a taste bud sensation that whetted our appetite to learn more about Buffalo. We jetted down the Niagara River and then toured the historic Fort Niagara on Monday. Tuesday saw us at the harbor where we toured the USS Little Rock, USS Sullivan, and USS Croaker  and had an opportunity to learn some more about history. Wednesday the big BIRTHDAY we went to Goat Island State Park and then crossed to the Canadian side to view Niagara Falls from both vantage points. Great day was had by all. Thursday was spent at Letchworth State Park, one of my fav’s, where we got to see a rainbow over the falls and had an amazing dinner with some special people. Friday we slowed down a bit had lunch and then relaxed around the area.

Buffalo, New York 15 July 2019

Buffalo, NY who knew there was so much going on? The day started out slowly, but rapidly progressed to a fast paced day in Buffalo. A lunch at a charming cafe started out our adventures and then we were off to our Niagara Jet Boat tour. A mad dash down the Niagara River where we were jetted through some rapids and were lucky enough to get close to the whirlpool. A drenching adrenaline rushed ride.

Slowing down the pace we went to Niagara Fort and soaked in the history of the area while our hair dried in the warm summer sunshine. Mexican food and dessert capped off a perfect day in Buffalo. Looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer us.