03/11/2020 Feeling relaxed on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Today saw us set off for the scenic drive down the Great Ocean Road on the southern coast of Australia. The trip, while not long in miles, took quite a bit of time. We were so enchanted by the views, we stopped quite a bit. We took a walk to a waterfall, stopped at many of the overlooks, or just slowed down to take in the views. Our stop for the night was a nice coastal town called Apollo Bay where we had a nice walk along the beach and a lovely dinner outside where we people watched while eating dinner. We had Kung Fu something-or-other and dim sum. Neither of us had had dim sum previously, so it was a good opportunity to expand our culinary palette.

We also had the pleasure of seeing our first wild cockatoos here in Australia. It was fascinating seeing them flying freely through the air.
We were also forced to take the plunge and cancel our trip to China. We had to make a decision to cancel or we would potentially lose even more money if we cancelled later. We have to consider whether we will be able to get into the country, or, more importantly, be accepted into any other country if we have been to mainland China. Even Hong Kong will not currently permit entry by anyone who has been to mainland China. We are fully planning on getting to China at some point in the future, since our visa is good for 10 years.

Enjoy the pictures from our relaxing day driving the Great Ocean Road.

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