January 9, 2022 – All’s Quiet on the Yolita ll

Today started out early with us traveling around an island just looking at the island’s volcanic rocks and the birds hanging around the shore. Breakfast soon followed which seemed more rushed, yet subdued. The six departing passengers soon left the boat bright and early at 08:30 in the morning. During the time that Omar escorted the six to the airport to make sure they got through security and pick up our expected guests, we took the opportunity to do some laundry (scrubbing our clothes in the bathroom sink and then hanging then from a line on the top deck), read our books, and just relax to the swaying of the boat.

Omar did not return to the boat until almost noon.  And he came alone. The young lady tested positive for COVID in Quito and would have to quarantine in her hotel room for the next 10 days. How heartbreaking to be so close yet so far away. We all felt bad that she managed to get to Ecuador but could not enter the Galapagos.

Time though was on our side and we had an opportunity to snorkel off the dingy.  We saw brightly colored fish, eagle rays, and white tipped reef sharks. The water was choppy and took work, but it was well worth it as the water was clear and warm.  The last little bit of our day was a “walk about” on an island where we had the good fortune to see a male blue footed boobie courting a female boobie. We don’t know if they became a couple, but Kathy – being the ever romantic – is sure that they are currently building a nest together and planning the next generation of blue footed boobies. We also saw a land iguana perched atop a cactus chomping on the top of the plant. Without a doubt, it made for one of the best photos we captured of the land iguanas.

The rest of the time was spent relaxing. We had a lovely dinner and then for the majority of us we settled into our rooms to relax for the evening. The boat was soon headed out to get to our next stop in the morning.

The most important thing, the Bills WON!!!!! Next week is the first game of the playoffs where we meet the Patriots in the playoffs!!

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