Palindrome 02/02/2020

Today was a historic day in that the date is a palindrome, “a phrase or sequence that reads the same from front or back”. This can also be said the same for our hike today, we hiked through scrub brush, short stretches of forest, then back to scrub brush. We then turned around at the hut and the sequence of scrub brush, short stretches of forest, then back to scrub brush was repeated. The hike was reminiscent of being in Southern Utah and we discussed the similarities between the two locals as we walked the sandy trail back and forth.

Deciding to try something completely different we went to the National Army Museum of NZ or (Maori: Te Mata Toa) where we learned about the history of the New Zealand armed forces and their roles in many of the wars that the US participated in, but from a different perspective. Great day all around, while no pictures today trust us it was scrub brush and sand and it looks the same here as it does in Southern Utah! It is amazing how we can go from areas that remind us of Utah to areas that remind us of North Carolina – all within a few miles of each other! That is the magic of New Zealand.


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