06/09-10/2024 – Riding along in my automobile ♫ ♩🎶

06/09-10/2024 – Riding along in my automobile ♫ ♩🎶

Riding along in our automobile, with a particular place to go, we headed off for our next destination. We started off on our seven hour trip that, of course, included the obligatory tunnels, a ferry or two, and a lot of long and winding roads.  The day was pretty much casual as we enjoyed the day of rest listening to music and just watching the scenery as we drove to Valldal, and our “Bed and Breakfast.”  This lodge, our next home away from home, is steps away from a beautiful body of water that was filling up faster with the ever present rain that has continued to come down since we arrived in Norway. Finding the location, we meandered in and dropped our luggage off and set off for a stroll along the town, which consisted of approximately 3 blocks that ran along the waters shore. We attempted to find some lunch to take with us for our kayak trip tomorrow.  We finally opted to stop at the grocery store to peruse the aisles. Way strenuous day! Not sure how we managed to survive it intact, but we did. No excitement to be found anywhere – and Kathy is breathing a sigh of relief.  Settling in, we snuggled under our comforters and anticipated our day tomorrow.

Dawn came early as the sun in Norway rises at approximately 4 am and we were awake by 5 am. That is what happens when you fall asleep at 9 pm, getting old has its good points and bad points.  We ate a hurried breakfast and set off for the meeting point for our four hour kayak tour in Geirangerfjord.    Sit right back and you’ll read a tale.  When we arrived, the weather started getting rough (and we were afraid our tiny boat would get tossed!) Fortunately, the fearless Captain kept us on track and we were soon headed out into the fjord to see the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.  While the weather was dismal, it did lend itself to providing us with a spectacular view of the falls.  Dave, the “captain” of our kayak, managed to maneuver us close so that we could get an up close view of the falls.  Our guide, Lukas, (who is originally from Patagonia, Argentina) kept us entertained with stories about the area and the Norwegian culture.  The group was small – just three couples – and we were all of different ages and from different countries (Wales, Portugal, and the US, plus Lukas from Argentina). It made the time enjoyable getting to know our fellow paddlers. It was a great day and we enjoyed the time paddling up and down the fjord, despite the rain.  The sun did peek out at us at one point!  Lukas did remind us that all the rain gives us all the beautiful and powerful waterfalls that we have been enjoying immensely here in Norway.  Despite all the enjoyment, most of us were glad to get back to the dock after the four hours.  We all massaged our aching shoulders that are not used to the constant paddling, as well as our legs which are not used to being inside a cramped kayak under a skirt.  We decided Geiranger had more to offer, so rather than driving back to our B&B, we opted to hike up a waterfall path and visit the local historical museum. The museum was focused on the uniqueness of the area and why it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was interesting to wander through the museum and learn so much. A couple of interesting tidbits:  98% of Norway’s electrical power comes from hydropower – yet the majority of its wealth comes from the drilling and exporting of off-shore oil.  What an interesting dichotomy! Finally deciding to head back, we started the hour journey back and arrived “home” just in time to figure out dinner. Opting for leftover pizza for Dave and a gas station hamburger for Kathy seemed like an inexpensive option.  It seems like the food in Norway has been the most expensive fare we have ever seen in our travels.  This is why we have been opting for PB & J sandwiches and fruit.

A few more days in Norway and we head home, but for now we will say, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

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