05/09-10/2023 Granada bound!!

Heading out at a leisurely hour of 10 am, we started off towards our next “home” of Grenada, but first a waypoint to see. Ronda, our next stop, was not a visit to a girl named Ronda, but a small white hill town located in southern Spain. The drive through the mountains of Spain was a real treat.

Parking outside the city center in a local neighborhood, we began to hoof it to see the amazing gorge bridges that were built hundreds of years ago and span several gorges. Walking around to see the bridges from several different angles we delighted in the unique bridges with their unique arches. Deciding it was close to lunch (almost one pm!) we headed over to a restaurant that overlooked the gorges below. Seated at a table overlooking the large expanse of the gorge below, we were informed that it was not yet time for lunch. Agreeing to wait until 1 pm, we enjoyed watching the people below us and the birds as they flit around in the canyon.  Finally time for lunch, Dave ordered what was called BBQ chicken and Kathy had beef ragout and a salad to share. Much to Dave’s disgust, the vegetable salad again came out with a large scoop of tuna perched atop the lettuce. Picking apart the salad we separated the fish from the vegetables and enjoyed the tang of the salad dressing. A while later we were presented with our lunch; Dave’s BBQ chicken was really three thin cutlets of chicken atop a bed of homemade French fries and topped with a cream sauce. Not at all what we would consider BBQ chicken.  But it was tasty nonetheless. Kathy’s beef ragout was a little bit like beef tenderloin tips also atop a bed for fries. The brown gravy that the beef was ensconced in gave the fries a similar look and taste of poutine.  The beef was so tender it melted in Kathy’s mouth and she delighted in the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Finishing our lunch, we were back on our way heading to Granada. Arriving at our hotel, we were soon checked in and Dave did the unique adventure of parking the car in a spot built for a midget.  Heading out we walked down to Alhambra, a huge palatial complex that is a mix of Muslim, Moorish, Catholic, and gypsy influences that gives it a unique charm.  While we could not go into the complex until our tour the next day, we did walk around by the visitor center and stop at the gift shop.  (Tomorrow would see us take a tour of the historic monument.) Soon back to the hotel we were delighted to get dinner at the civilized hour of 6 pm, a burger for Dave and spaghetti bolognaise for Kathy.   Deciding to spend the rest of the night just chilling in the hotel room we relaxed and tried to rejuvenate.

Night soon arrived and with it non-stop vomiting from Dave. All night long he spent getting rid of his hamburger and muttering that he will never eat a burger again. Needless to say we were both exhausted but still managed to make our tour at 10 am. The tour of Alhambra was amazing and no words can give it justice. It consists of a set of ancient palaces, gardens and fortresses that were initially designed as a house for the Sultan and the court of the Nasrid kingdom.  Later it became the residence of the kings of Castile and their representatives. Its artistry was seen in each corner of the gardens and palace. While the exterior looks stark and plain, the interior was a stunning display of craftsmanship. Official Site | Council of the Alhambra and Generalife (alhambra-patronato.es)  No words can give it justice. It is considered the 2nd most visited monument in Europe, second only to the Eiffel Tower.  The tour was capped off by a much needed nap by Dave.

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