January 19, 2022 Day 1 of isolation

Dave woke up to hear that Kathy had made it to Fort Lauderdale, FL and was safely back in the US.  Hooray!!  She later made her flight to JFK.  Then she has the short hop to Buffalo.  Dave is still asymptomatic.  He has TV (with all but CNN and Fox News in Spanish!), a laptop where he can surf the internet, watch Netflix, catch up on his email, and watch highlights of Sabres games.  He also has a book which Kathy gave him for Christmas, a book of crossword puzzles, and a Sudoku book.  He can also brush up on his Spanish with Rosetta Stone.  He will try to get some exercise done in his room. He and Kathy can still keep in touch with texts, Wi-Fi calls (we hope at no charge!) and video calls on WhatsApp. Our new friends in Britain, Chris and Elena have said they will keep Dave from being bored as well.

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