A New Beginning?

The sun is hot, the forest animals are restless, and so are we. We are feeling relieved to have been fully vaccinated and have been watching as the local area slowing reawakens. As life begins to resume in our neighborhood, so do our dreams of travel! Not, of course, because we want to flee the hot sun and crowds of unmasked shoppers.  We want to experience the joys of exploring new vistas and learning about new cultures.

So to no one’s surprise, we have a trip planned in just a few short weeks. The plans were not really anything that we had on our radar as a “must go spot.” Research into the areas have opened our eyes to the interesting possibilities to be found in Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. While we always wanted to go to Greece and had planned to visit Egypt last year, Turkey was not something we had really given much thought about.  Yet it is one of the more interesting places we think we will go.  Due to the ongoing global pandemic and the restrictions, conditions, and constant changes that go with it, we will be going with guided tours of these countries on this trip.  This is a first for us!

Stay tuned and we will keep you informed of our plans, the trip, the food on the trip, and how our packing lists changed to accommodate HEAT!!  We have our visas for each country, we have completed our entry form for Greece, and we think we have a plan to get COVID tested before each leg of the trip.  It is a fine balancing act to get the test done within the time frames required by each country (usually 72 hours), while also getting the results back prior to each flight!


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