Germany 2018

June 2018:
Our German trip started with us landing in Frankfurt where we rented a car to start our journey. The first few days were spent in the quaint town of Bacharach. The town became quiet shortly after dinner when all the day tourists went home for the day. This gave us time to wander the town and explore the cobble streets. We hiked up to the ruins of a castle that in it’s heyday was perched on the hill overlooking the Rhine.
As we journeyed through Germany we saw a castle still owned by the same family. Saw the original castle that Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty’s Castle after then a few days later it was followed by a trip to the Frankenstein Castle. We traveled to the highest point in Germany, Zugspitze, and went to an island in the middle of Lake Konstanz. The Isle of Mainau was filled with plants and trees from all over the world. The Isle was an amazing outdoor arboretum that allowed guest to walk through a variety of plants from the largest of trees, Dawn Redwoods, to the smallest of herbs.
No trip to Germany could be complete without remembering the many who lost their lives during WW ll in concentration camps. A trip to Dachau and Eagles Nest was a visit back to a time that should never be forgotten. As we left we stopped at the Catholic Memorial at Dachau and said a prayer for all those who have lost their lives then and now.

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