Last days


Last days

Today was a series of lasts: last full day on the cruise ship, last day to visit the islands, and last day for Kathy’s Z-pack series of antibiotics. The day started bright and early as we had to get up and get our PCR COVID test, which will be needed for the flight to Turkey in two days.  Then we had a quick breakfast, went to the cabin to get cleaned up, and we were off for our next adventure.

The next adventure took place on the island of Crete.  Crete is the largest of the Greek Isles and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea.  A full 48% of the Crete income comes from tourism.  Most of the rest is agriculture, particularly from the millions of olive trees used in making extra-virgin olive oil.  Since it is less than 200 miles from Europe, Asia, as well as from Africa, its strategic location has made it an attractive island to conquer for thousands of years.

Once the tour ended, we decided to stay on the island and stroll around the streets wandering through shops and eating lunch while doing some people watching. Lunch was a traditional Greek fare that had Dave trying for the first time souvlaki, which was not what either of us expected (Dave had no idea what to expect!). Kathy had a traditional gyro, which was not so Americanized.  The meat comes in pieces, and you put your gyro together.   We walked up some stairs, rounded some corners and soon we were back at the boat dock. Not yet wanting to return onboard so quickly, we decided to walk in another direction where we found some statues that detailed some of Greece’s famous mythological legends.

Kathy’s bladder finally insisted it was time to return to the boat and we boarded in the late afternoon.  We enjoyed a quiet hour or so in the room just reading, dozing, and relaxing. In a quest to get in our steps we decided to stroll around the ship. We meandered up to the top deck where we watched kids play in the pool, mothers get mad at the kids who were playing in the pool, and old people chuckling (and, we are sure, saying like us, “Phew! Thank goodness we are past that!”) While it was fun watching it all play it out, we did not last long in that location, as we were driven out by the smoke from the boat smoke stacks. Instead, we went to the sports bar where the only sports were a bunch of kids playing Wii bowling – seriously!!! 😊 😊

Finally, it was time for dinner, but first we had to change. Dave knew better this time!  He learned his lesson tonight and changed before arriving at the restaurant. While enjoying another wonderful dinner, Kathy noticed that a young boy at the next table was wearing shorts.  On their way out, Dave had a lively discussion with the pants patrolman about sex discrimination and now age discrimination. The answer from the pants patrolman, “Put it in the comment section of your guest questionnaire.”  The staff on the entire ship has been outstanding and their sense of humor matched Dave at every level!  We had a wonderful time.

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