March 29, 2024 – Hello Boys, I’m Back

“Hello Boys, I’m Back” is just not a classic line from an old horror flick, it is also the line Kathy thought as Dave deplaned to enter Japan. She nervously glanced around to see if anyone recognized him from his two previous encounters; including one that saw him detained for a round of questioning. Upon exiting immigration, then customs, and then being outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. Phew!  We have landed and we are now safe to find a bathroom. Safe could be a relative term as the bathroom looked similar to a torture chamber waiting to accost an unsuspecting tourist who is audacious enough to park themselves on a toilet seat. Kathy, bypassing the squat toilets, settled upon a more standard toilet. Upon seating, suddenly sounds of running water and nature sounds start playing. Apparently it is used to keep any cubicle patrons from being embarrassed about the sounds emanating from the stall.  For Kathy, it just helped the natural process of emptying her bladder. Luckily, the flush button was prominently displayed and in English. Bypassing all other buttons, she skedaddled out of the bathroom feeling that she accomplished a feat, surviving her first Japanese restroom.  Now time to find our driver, get to the hotel, and if possible, see if we can recover from the long flight.

The drive, while long, was a great time to talk with the driver, find out some interesting facts about Japan, and have a great view of the setting sun. While Japan is considered the country of the rising sun, the setting sun was spectacular. Recovery seemed a long time away as we found that our hotel had us only booked for two nights, not five. A bit of a wait, some verification, and they moved us to another room. Hopefully for five nights, not two! The long journey, 23 hours, I am sure will be worth it in the end, but dang it was a long flight.   Settled now, we begin our adventures!!

The first adventure being the shower!  There is a bath tub in the bathroom.  But you don’t shower IN it.  You shower NEXT to it and let the water flow on the floor to the drain.  The toilet also has about 8 buttons.  A learning experience, for sure.

(the lack of photo quality is thanks to Kathy’s expert skill :))

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