Philosopher’s Path

04/07/2024 Philosopher’s Path

Today again started out early, but the good news is we went to bed sometime before 8 pm, so the early am did not seem as early.  Good thing, too, as today’s tour is a ½ day walking tour along a stone path called the Philosopher’s Path.  We were greeted by our hostess, Noriko, and as usual she was on time. We headed off by taking a couple of subways to get to the start of the path.  The path is lined by hundreds of cherry trees and, boy! have we lucked out on this trip.  Normally the cherry trees have already bloomed by this date, but they seemed to want to wait for us to arrive.  They are in absolute peak here in Kyoto!  The Philosopher’s Path runs between Ginkaku-ji Temple in the north and Eikan-do Temple in the south and we, of course, started at the first temple and ended at the last. Along the way we were treated to the visual site of thousands of cherry trees in full bloom.  Along the path we met a man making boats out of flowers and weeds and he encouraged Kathy to gently drop hers into the canal below. If it lands upright, it is supposed to be good luck. Good news is, it landed upright and we continued to have a great day with great weather. Kathy and Dave stopped and tried a cherry blossom ice cream that had hints of cherry, but it was very subtle in its flavor. We did a little shopping, a t-shirt for Dave and our grandson Hunter, and were soon off. Walking along we found ourselves at the end of the tour with two hours to spare. Noriko said, “You two are fast walkers.  Do you want to see something else?”  Deciding to head back, we were relieved to be back at the hotel by lunch time which allowed us some time to be with just each other. Finding lunch, though, was an adventure and we ended up in a restaurant sitting on the floor with our shoes left at the door and having the daring food of a hot dog for Kathy and an egg sandwich for Dave. Living dangerously in Japan! Strolling back, we visited again another temple, this one to a branch of Buddhism not related to Zen Buddhism. Kind of like two Baptist congregations, each similar, but each just a tad bit different.

Heading back we settled in for some quiet time and just relaxed on the floor.  Oh, we mean the bed on the floor. We miss chairs! Dinner was again another walk to find a restaurant. Finally finding something, we had a choice: McDonalds or Curry, and we decided upon…….curry it was. It was great, delicious and inexpensive.   That pretty much summed up our day.

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