January 29,2020 And now for something completely different!!

AHHHHHHH! Absolutely nothing on the agenda except laundry, sleep, and an add-on of takeout Chinese food. (which was mostly the same as US takeout–for those who are curious).  After a lunch of Chinese takeout, we sat on the bed and watched a movie on Netflix (Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit)!! Not a single picture was snapped, less than 10,000 steps, nowhere near our expected heart points, and lots of calories as we snacked and recovered. A perfect off day!!! Kathy actually felt retired today!! I think Dave was wishing for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to come liven up this rainy day, but Kathy’s wishes won the day!! Just to provide one tidbit of information on New Zealand since we stayed in, NZ has a general sales tax on food of 15%!!!

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