Sometimes it is the turtle who wins, not the hare!! 02/07/2020

Well, after multiple delays, we are finally in the campervan and are somewhat situated. Let me, though, start from the beginning of the “race”. The day started out pretty typical with our normal routine. Out the door a couple minutes before nine A.M. to meet the shuttle to take us to pick up the campervan. He was late. Should have been a sign!! He was very nice and dropped us off directly at the campervan rental place!! Eagerly waiting for our van, we were told, “Sorry, your van is late coming back. Please come back at 4:30 P.M.” As an offering of good will, they gave us a rental car in order to kill the next 7.5 hours of waiting at no extra charge. A quick trip down to the coast where we ate lunch on a bench and then a return to the Christchurch area. We then spent the next 3 hours touring the Antarctica museum and exhibits and got to see some of the worlds’ smallest penguins – Little Blue Penguins. It was a lovely afternoon and just whetted our appetite for seeing the actual wildlife of the South Island in person. A quick stop down the road and we were back at the rental place……..where we waited, and waited. Finally at 6:30 PM, they brought out our vehicle. Supposedly with a credit return for today!! We did a quick dash to dinner and then the grocery store where we agonized about what we can cook for meals with no oven and a fridge the size of a cooler. Meals are going to be like going back to college: hotdogs, beans, some mac and cheese, and, just for good measure, some tuna fish sandwiches!! Great time to lose some extra pounds. (We should have not stopped at the sweets aisle in the grocery store.) We are now staying in someone’s nut tree orchard. Yep, you heard me right. Here in New Zealand, people rent out space for campervans to park pretty cheaply – $20 NZD at the orchard for both of us. Tomorrow, we will get on the road to find out what Freedom Camping is all about in New Zealand!!!

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