Start, stop, start, stop…….!! January 24, 2020

Today started out just hunky dory, we did some early morning exercises, scarfed down some breakfast and hit the ground running. Arriving at Lake Taupo at about 11:30, we were stopped and told “sorry, you can’t check in yet.” Time to find lunch. We shared a plate of loaded potatoes (we need to teach seasoning to this country—bland food) and discussed our next steps. Starting again we found a local visitor center where we got quite a bit of information on hiking in the local area. Dave found out that this weekend in nearby Taupo, Billy Idol, George Thorogood, and Creedence Clearwater Revisited were playing a concert. “Sorry, no tickets available”, another stop!! But then, woo hoo!!! Start again: while we were discussing trails, a representative in the visitor center got a text. Someone is ill and not going to the concert. Is there anyone who was interested in the tickets. Dave leaped at the opportunity. “How much?” he asked. ……………Screech! The brakes were hit again – another stop. Sorry Dave, these tickets are only for employees of the visitor center. He was unable to get a job at short notice.

We wandered around the grocery store to see what options we had for dinner and kill a little time until it was 2 pm and we could pick up the keys. Starting off again, we headed off to pick up the keys at the local gas station for our next AirBnB. We arrived at the station and they advised us, “Sorry, we don’t have the keys. Maybe the owner is at the house.” Another screeching halt!!

Starting off again, we headed to the accommodations and we finally connected with the local host and were able to get into the room.

Finally in the room, the internet starts, then stops, then starts, then stops, then starts, then stops. Needless to say, it is not the easiest way to blog when you have sporadic internet access. Oh well, we will head out and get some groceries for the next 11 days. Success occurred when we started dinner. We had tacos, something we were finally used to having, and only stopped when we were completely satiated!!!

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