06/13/24 through 06/14/24…wait, what??  The vacation was supposed to end on the 13th!

06/13/24 through 06/14/24…wait, what??  The vacation was supposed to end on the 13th!

Ah, yes!  Bonus vacation days are great, aren’t they?  Well, maybe not when spent sleeping on the floor of an airport!

June 13, 2024 started off nicely.  We had a nice breakfast at the hotel atop Oslo.  We then packed up and went for a walk around the forested grounds.  We enjoyed looking at the unique Scandinavian homes on the mountain.  Especially since it was not raining on us for a change.  We decided to head to the Oslo airport a bit early.

The flight from Oslo to Reykjavik was uneventful.  We decided to grab some lunch at the Reykjavik airport before our next flight to JFK.  When we booked our flights originally back in January, we were supposed to fly into Boston instead of JFK, but jetBlue changed our flight from Boston to Buffalo, having us leaving 15 minutes earlier.  We thought that was perfect since it meant getting home 15 minutes earlier!  But Icelandair had other thoughts.  We got a message from them stating that since we now “only” had an hour and 45 minutes between flights in Boston, they deemed us a “missed connection” and bumped our flight to Buffalo until the next morning!  We called and asked what we could do, other than spend a night in the airport.  They were happy to reroute us to JFK airport, for a hefty, hefty additional cost!  Well, we paid that cost because sleeping on the floor of an airport was not appealing at all.

While eating lunch in Reykjavik, we received a message that our flight to JFK was delayed by an hour and a half.  That meant we only had a 40 minute layover in JFK.  (While we thought the 1:45 layover at Boston was doable, we were doubtful of a 40 minute layover in JFK!)  We spoke with an Icelandair representative at the Reykjavik airport who told us that, while the flight was delayed by an hour and a half, they changed the estimated arrival time at JFK so that we had a 1:20 layover.  Apparently, that was fine with the representative who said we should still be able to make our connection.  But then, they delayed the boarding of the plane for an additional 30 minutes and then delayed leaving the gate even longer.  When we arrived at JFK, we had less than 45 minutes to deplane, go through Customs, pick up our bags, take them to another Terminal on the train, drop them off, go back through security, and run to our gate.  Fortunately, the flight to Buffalo was delayed leaving JFK by a few minutes.  We eventually reached the gate, sweaty and huffing, only to find the end of the jetport empty.  Our plane had left!

We schlepped our way to the jetBlue help desk who offered us one ticket to a flight at 9 AM tomorrow morning.  The other person would be on standby.  Otherwise, the next flight with two seats guaranteed was not until 6:30 PM tomorrow.  We took the 9 AM flight for Kathy and hoped Dave could charm his way on board as well.  Then, we settled into a corner of the airport that seemed less busy to see if we could get some sleep.  A long, sleepless 11 hours later, we were at our new gate.  Kathy had her seat and Dave was No. 1 on the standby list.  At the last minute, they gave Dave a seat and he skipped his way down the jetport!  We finally arrived home about noon on June 14th, dead tired, but having to placate two cats who desperately missed us.  We were happy to do so!

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