Birthday in Buffalo

The birthday (Lisa) in Buffalo and the surrounding area was a jam packed week………..we started the week with a “Taste of Buffalo” a taste bud sensation that whetted our appetite to learn more about Buffalo. We jetted down the Niagara River and then toured the historic Fort Niagara on Monday. Tuesday saw us at the harbor where we toured the USS Little Rock, USS Sullivan, and USS Croaker  and had an opportunity to learn some more about history. Wednesday the big BIRTHDAY we went to Goat Island State Park and then crossed to the Canadian side to view Niagara Falls from both vantage points. Great day was had by all. Thursday was spent at Letchworth State Park, one of my fav’s, where we got to see a rainbow over the falls and had an amazing dinner with some special people. Friday we slowed down a bit had lunch and then relaxed around the area.

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