Day 6!!!

Mall walkers…………isn’t that one of the exciting things people do at the start of a trip around the world???? I know people are anxious to see our photos of that! Today started out with a relaxed breakfast, a workout and then a couple of laps around the mall, since it is very cold outside and we don’t have enough clothes in our backpack for that. We stopped at an arcade where we played a few games of air hockey and pinball. Kathy was soundly defeated!!! We meandered down and played a game like curling, but with balls. Again, Kathy lost!!!! We wandered over and played some standing shuffleboard, again Kathy lost. Seeing a trend???? Tried some basketball hoops…I will leave the reader of the blog to fill in the blanks!!
Off to lunch with an old friend, Rose, where we caught up on the happenings in her life and just spent time chatting and chatting. The day was capped off by a lovely dinner with family and I was grateful to get so many of us together. We had 19 people around the table and the conversations flowed as we caught up with each other. We had all ages, from one to 80! And not a single one of them asked if they could come with us. Do they know something we don’t, or are we on to something that they aren’t?

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