The Sun Will Come Up 08/21-22/2022

The song sounds so positive, but it is hard to find that positivity at 4:50 in the morning when you realize that we have overslept.  Yep, you got that right. A mad dash around the condo aptly named Gray Wolf, we dressed quickly and “wolfed” down our breakfast.  We then headed out the door to start our day. Heading to Glacier we started up the Going to the Sun Road to find our next hike. We started out on our hike heading towards Avalanche Lake before the sun had completely peaked above the mountains.  Heading down the path we felt blessed to see the rays of sun peak out over the mountains giving us a beautiful start to the day. The song, while beautiful, was topped by seeing the actual sun peeping behind the outline of the mountain tops and being present in the moment. Soon we were at the lake and watched several waterfalls from melting snow cascade down the sides of the mountain to fill the lake. The hike, just a short 5 miles out and back, had us back to our parked car by 10 am. We stopped at the visitor center to discuss some of the pictures taken yesterday and to see if we wanted to hike anymore. As an editorial correction, the ptarmigan we reported seeing yesterday turned out to be a dusky grouse.  It was still a novelty and a delight to see. (The education needs to be expanded to the interpretive rangers in Kathy’s opinion!) Soon the realization that we could barely walk directed our next course of action. Back to the condo we went where we chilled and had a leisurely lunch. Kathy logged into work and put some hours in while Dave managed to get us a remote to watch TV and did a load of laundry. A short walk up to the resort pub for dinner was a reminder of our big hike yesterday.  Soon we were back home where a bit more work for Kathy and another load of laundry rounded out our day. It was an amazing day and Glacier NP is worth every moment and every aching muscle. Tomorrow sees us head to the other side of Glacier and move to our next home away from home.

Starting out late we left the condo at 6 am to begin our day. Driving to the park we were for the first time greeted by a ranger. We flashed our pass and were soon on our way to our first stop. We drove up the Going to the Sun Road and started the descent to the other side of the Continental Divide. Luckily we found a spot to park somewhat close to our next trailhead. We started the hike to view St Mary Falls.  It is a beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water and just a hint of turquoise color.  It cascades down the side of the mountain in stages. Walking further we arrived at Virginia Falls.  While we were impressed with St Mary Falls, the subsequent falls, Virginia Falls, was even more spectacular. We looked up in awe, feeling the spray of the falls as the cool wetness pelted us like a dewy early morning mist. We were joined by others who stood equally transfixed at the bottom of the falls. The journey to the falls further delighted us when we got to see our first cow moose standing at water’s edge grazing on the lush vegetation. The journey back gave us a glimpse of a bull moose whose impressive antlers gave Kathy pause when he started to walk towards us. All in all the morning was a success. Now we drove on to our “home” for the next three nights. The next “home away from home” is about the size of our camper van in New Zealand. To give the readers an idea, you can go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and take a shower simultaneously. The bed – a double – will be a test of our marriage patience. We hope that we both survive: no air-conditioning and being jammed next to each other sharing our body heat.  A little bit of work for Kathy while Dave napped rounded out our afternoon. As evening approached we did a little grocery shopping and planned our next day’s adventures.


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