03/07/2020 Last Supper Apia, Samoa and 03/08/2020 Sydney, Australia

Today was just spent being in Apia, not much happened around the hostel. An early morning walk to the bakery, a nap, and then a plan for dinner. Dinner was held at the CocoBanana where we had our “last supper.” Only in Samoa can you order a spicy chicken enchilada and have it in a green tortilla with garlic bread, fries, and a salad. Kathy’s burger on the other hand had cheese, beef patty, and salsa??? The confusion abounds.

The 02:30 wake up call to get to the airport was successful as we arrived, checked in, and boarded our six-hour flight to Sydney. Debarking was a breeze. We deplaned, entered our information into a kiosk which spit out a card, gave our information card to customs, picked up our luggage, and hopped in a taxi to our hotel. We were even able to check into our hotel room early. The room – sweet!!! I could stay in the room for the next few weeks and just enjoy the amenities. Tomorrow sees us flying to Melbourne, Australia and we look forward to cooler temperatures, not to mention penguins, kangaroos, and koalas!

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