03/09/2020 MOOMBA Labour Day in Melbourne, Australia

It’s Labour Day in Australia!! A holiday, so it’s time to play. Kathy said she will let Jen, Leah, Ursula, Laurie, Barb, Amee, Renee, Adele, Carolyn, Colleen, Colleen, Tom, Debbie, Linda, Kelly, Skyler, John, Gerry, Dajana, and Mindy take the day off!! With full pay, of course. She is confident Bob will agree!! (Ooops – Kathy forgot! Sorry, but you all need to work since she is no longer the boss—check with Julie. She seems reasonable and will allow the time off! Jen – you can check with ASU. Kathy is sure they will cancel all cases.)

What a fun day in Melbourne. We caught our flight here from Sydney bright and early. By noon, we had been on planes, trains, and automobiles. We are staying in the heart of the city and it is teeming with excitement for the holiday. We walked through the city and on a promenade along the river. The Italian Festival and MOOMBA (their Labour Day festival) were in full swing and there was a lot to see and do in the area. Lots of concerts, amusement rides, entertainers, games, etc. We had lunch at a local restaurant. Dave had what he thinks was a BLT sandwich and Kathy had a Gyro. We challenge you to find the Gyro on Kathy’s plate in the photo!

A quick stop at a mini-mart store near the hotel reaped a wonderful reward for both Kathy and Dave. Dave found Milk Duds and Shredded Mini Wheats and Kathy found Sugar Free (Diet) Sunkist. No Diet Dew for Dave, but hey! he does have his cereal and his candy. Tomorrow, we will take a trip to the Indian Ocean coast to see if we can find some penguins.

Enjoy the Aussie holiday!! Is Labour Day still a holiday for those are not working??? I wonder??? But we’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

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