03/12/2020 A long and winding road; Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool, Australia

We should be worried about where, or if, we can go to our next country However, that is difficult when you are driving down one of the most scenic roads we have ever traveled. We had the wonderful experience of seeing a few koalas sleeping (and sometimes moving) in trees on the side of the road. We also visited another amazing lighthouse that Kathy climbed gleefully, exclaiming along the way that she “wants our next home to be a lighthouse.” Dave – the ever practical one of the two – remarked that there is not a lot of space to live in a lighthouse. That is why they have lightkeeper’s houses. We drove along the coast – and it looked suspiciously like the deserts of Utah. That is, until you looked left and saw the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean. We visited the iconic “12 Apostles” and were amazed at the beauty of the ocean against the towering cliffs. We stopped at the “London Bridge” and “The Arch” along the way until we ended up in the last town at the end of the Great Ocean Road. We decided to bed down there for the night.

Dave’s bantering with the receptionist about “what food is Australia famous for” got an invite to try vegemite. She actually sent one of the kitchen staff to our room to deliver two slices of fresh bread, two pats of butter and three packets of vegemite. He said vegemite is best eaten on toast with butter and “just a thin amount” of vegemite. Kathy is not a fan. She claims it is like eating salt. Dave discussed the origins of vegemite with the receptionist to try and determine what it was made of exactly, but we never really got a clear answer. She was not sure, but thought it had something to do with the leftover stuff when cheese is made. Her take was that it was like a mix between soy sauce and cheese spread.

Kathy is now happily doing laundry as the room has a washer and dryer – a luxury. We ended up with a small apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living room, and washer/dryer!!! Sweet!! All for the outrageous cost of ~~$20.00 US dollars. Nice reward from Hotels.com

It was another good day in Australia, and we are loving the area so far. It might be an option as we decide where we will fill the three weeks which are now open because of the cancelled China trip. Australia is a big country and we might need the extra time to explore the country more!!

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