03/20/2020 The Three Sisters at Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

Yesterday saw us awakened bright and early to the sound of tree trimming machines, men talking, and the sounds of extensive yardwork right outside our doors. While not the best way to wake up in the morning, we still woke up to start our day early….not that we got out the door early. Still lollygagging, we did not leave to hike until approximately 10:30 in the morning. We spent the next little bit driving up to the Blue Mountains National Park to hike around the Three Sisters area. After a quick lunch, we were off to hike. We could find little evidence of the terrible fires consuming Australia last year, and vivid green new growth covered the hillsides. We enjoyed the views of the Three Sisters and the mountains that framed the rocky obelisks. We walked up the trails and then back around where we were able to see the Three Sisters from both sides and even take a bridge to stand near the top of one of the spires.

After the ups and downs of the hike, we decided it was time to be responsible and do some laundry. Finally finding an open laundromat after a couple of missteps, we managed to get our machines started with the help of a very nice attendant. She helpfully told us, “The wash takes 23 minutes and you can come back to put into the dryer.” We took that as permission to find a cold drink where we again had a milkshake. Just to remind everyone – this is flavored milk which is shaken, not stirred. At least it was cold, which is what we needed. During our nice drive back, we continued to discuss whether we should or shouldn’t we return to the USA, how and if we would be able to return, and where we would stay if we were able to make it back.

As we watch the current turmoil, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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