03/21/2020 The trials and tribulations of Dave – Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Yesterday was Friday. Probably wondering why this is important, it is the Lenten season and Friday means no meat for Catholics. Dave and Kathy decided to take a trip down to Bondi Beach to soak up some sun before we come back to the states. Yes, we are coming back at least for a bit of time due to the current pandemic. Back to the subject at hand, we stopped for lunch and being good Catholics, we ordered our vegetarian meals. Kathy had some couscous and a nice salad. Dave had an avocado sandwich, but unbeknownst to him, it was hiding some fish! Oh, the tragedy of it all. Dave does not like fish at all, almost as much as Kathy despises ketchup. He stoically ate the sandwich, trying not to grimace when he got an especially big chunk of fish in a bite. He expects to receive special blessings from God for his supreme sacrifice.

We did find a good way to make him feel better!!! How about Bondi Beach which had an abundance of young women who were lying, walking, and strutting around in small bikinis. He deserved the views. Kathy did get to see a guy about 100 years old in a small speedo running down the beach. That is her penance for laughing at Dave as he swallowed each bite of his fish sandwich. You know what they say, revenge is best served cold. Well, that might not apply as it was hot at the beach!! A walk, metro ride, and another walk and soon enough, we were back home to make dinner.

Decisions were soon made, and we will be returning to the US, at least until July 2020. At that time, we will make further decisions. Currently, we are busy trying to cancel and get refunds for our outstanding hotels, cars, flights, and tours. Luckily, most places are giving a full refund. AirTreks, our flight booker, is being proactive on our flights as some have already been cancelled by the airlines due to the pandemic. We will see what happens, but the first ¼ of the trip has been amazing! We are confident that this won’t be the last time we are on this side of the world!!

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