January 8, 2022 Galapagos Saying Goodbye

The last full day with the entire group began with a bang.  We started the day with a dingy ride around Buccaneer Cove where we got to see swallow-tailed gulls (the only nocturnal gull in the word), brown noddys, blue-footed boobies with babies, frigates, and the “Praying Monk” rock. It was a relaxing way to begin the day. A cruise around an island is always fun and you can’t go wrong with starting your day off that way.

The next part of the day was snorkeling off of the dingy.  We saw tons of fish, some eagle rays and turtles, and swam through schools of fish which were brightly colored. We swam into a cave with the sun hitting the water on the way out which made for picturesque underwater scenes that you usually only see in Technicolor movies.

Soon lunch followed (and the mandatory siesta!)  Then it was off to our next adventure where we climbed to the top of Rabida Island and had an amazing lookout point. The view gave us the opportunity to see a nice view of the ocean and the red sand beach. Coming down from the lookout, we had an option to snorkel or stroll along the red sandy beach. The group was split with about the many that stayed on shore as those that snorkeled. G and Irene had the most amazing opportunity to cavort in the water with a group of sea lions that tried stealing a few kisses from the pretty girls. Kathy and Dave strolled hand and hand on the red sand beach where they got to see an American Oyster catcher and many sea lions just relaxing in the hot sun. Dave tried to capture on film a shy crab that was trying exit his hole in the sand until he saw the shadows of the looming giant humans peering into his hole.

Seemed like the idyllic moment ended too soon and we were soon back on the boat where we relaxed, chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company.  We decided it will not be the same when the three amigo’s, G, Irene, and Prity (Rikky) depart the boat along with Maria, Pam, and Jay. We expect to have a young lady from the Netherlands join us tomorrow.

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