Better late than never

04/13/2024 Better late than never

Our last day in Japan saw us visit Miyajima Island, a small island off of the city of Hiroshima.  The island, known for its iconic giant “floating” torii gate, is a short ferry ride from the mainland. Meeting our guide, Chiyo, for the second day in a row, we headed off to enjoy our last full day in Japan.  The trip to the island started like an episode of “The Amazing Race”, as we were walking, taking a bus, then a train, and lastly a ferry.  By the time we reached the island, we felt we hit almost type of transportation available in Japan. Coming off the ferry, we immediately set off to see the giant torii gate. The gate is so iconic, that recently the G7 summit was photographed in front of the gate. G-7 Leaders Group Photo at Miyajima Shrine | . We, on the other hand, had our photo taken – just not quite as picturesque as was the G7 summit photo.  We then took the two gondolas up to the top of the island mountain.  The clear skies and bright sunshine afforded us the opportunity to see for miles and miles. What a great way to end our last day.  Heading back down, our guide dropped us off in the middle of nowhere at a sandwich shop and washed her hands of us. Being navigation experts now, we managed to find our way out of the maze of streets to the dock where we found a ferry. Luckily, it was the right ferry and we headed off the island.  We then hopped on a trolley and rode it back into the city. Disembarking, we headed off to our hotel and plopped down in the room, sighing in relief. Yes, we did it all on our own! (Okay, Google maps and asking many people lot of questions aside!) Heading to the executive lounge for a few canapes and wine for Kathy and water for Dave was a great way to end our day. Tomorrow we head home and we are preparing for the long flight and the process of adapting to the time change.

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