04/10-11/2024 Two-fer

Today’s post is all about the last two days: yesterday and today!  Yesterday can be summed up pretty simply, last bullet train, last hotel for the trip, and last few days in Japan. We found our last train going from Kyoto to Hiroshima without too much problem, but we did have to ask a couple of times for direction.  Seated, we chilled and enjoyed the quick trip to the coast of Japan. Arriving in Hiroshima, we took a taxi to the hotel and dropped our luggage off.  Then we were off to explore the surrounding areas. We discovered a park and walked the beautiful paths and tried to discover what the various statues were.  The pedestals were there, but the bronze statues were missing.  Google Translate did not help, as we just got “bronze statue”, but no names attached. Heading back to our last hotel we breathed a sigh of relief: the bed was not on the floor! Nor was anything low as we are on the 22nd floor with an amazing view of the islands and the Pacific Ocean.  Deciding that a day of rest would be a welcome relief, we ate at the hotel.  We did head out to after dinner to find a pharmacy to get Dave some medicine for his unrelenting cold. Just down the block was a HUGE grocery store and we wandered to the pharmacy where we had some issues with a failure to communicate.  Dave showed the pharmacist a Google-translation for “Do you have decongestants?” Instead of something for the nose, he got eye drops.  Do people in Japan have problems with their eyes becoming congested?? Going back, we tried again and we think he now has the right medication!  Settling in, we tried to sleep, but that proved as difficult as getting the right medication.  Tomorrow, though, is another day!

Look! It’s tomorrow already and we are awake!  We also had our breakfast, and it was more recognizable. Kathy had awesome French toast with maple syrup and whip cream – yep she is happy!  Dave is, too, as he found some granola cereal and juice. The only issue was the hordes of people.  Many of them were part of a tour group from India, and they had little sense of space. Meeting our guide, Chiyo, for the next two days we started our last tours of the trip. The private tour saw us head towards the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.  We visited the grounds and the museum that honored the victims of the first atomic bomb used in human history and reminds us of the importance of peace. The visit was solemn and sad and the pictures and stories told a horrendous story about death, survival, and hope for peace.  We were glad we went and the museum was reminiscent of the 9/11 Museum in NYC with its somber story told so that we may never forget.  It was very interesting to see the A-bomb from the Japanese perspective.  We then took a bus and a trolley to visit a traditional Japanese garden.  We soaked in the tranquility of the location in juxtaposition to the epicenter of the bomb blast.

Having the afternoon free, we found lunch which was quite interesting and good. While our sandwiches were pretty typical, dessert was chocolate bread with whipped cream and bananas for Kathy and chocolate bread with whipped cream and strawberries for Dave.  It was an interesting dessert and Kathy is all about trying to duplicate the dessert when she gets home. Rest, relaxation, another walk will round out our day. Tomorrow we visit Miyajima, our last iconic stop on an unforgettable trip!

ADDENDUM:  We just had dinner here in Hiroshima and it’s worth writing home about, or at least adding to our post for the day.  We can’t tell you the name of the restaurant or the style of meal we had, but it was a hoot.  We ordered a 70-item buffet.  They leave a little tablet with you and you scroll through and check the items you want brought to the table.  Once you are ready, you submit your order.  A few minutes later, out it comes, ready for you to cook it over the gas grill in the middle of your table.  Yes, that’s right, you cook your meal at your table.  They do have a little bucket of ice.  This is for outting out the fire if it gets too bad.  We ordered things like kimchi, sweet potato w/ honey and butter, big toro Kalbi, pork skirt ShioTare, basil chicken, chicken with pepper & Garlic, and beef toro Kalbi with Shio Tare.  Oh, yeah, and for a vegetable…an onion.  It was all very delicious!  Our compliments to the chefs.  A perfect way to end the day.

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  1. Glad to hear from you. The pictures are beautiful and the food looks interesting. Hope Dave’s cold is better. Love you both. Oh and more news here. Cort has come here. Good to have him.

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