02/13/2020 C’est doubtful or It is doubtful (Manapouri, New Zealand):

It is doubtful that the day could have turned out more perfect!! A morning walk to see if we could pick up dinner for our cruise tonight, then a nice leisurely walk back to pick up our stuff. We had a “nice” lunch where Dave again had a burger with beets on it, and Kathy had the NZ equivalent of fried chicken (a chicken nugget with an entire half breast) which was just the ticket. We then grabbed a packable to-go dinner and walked down the road to the boat launch to wait for our ~~8 hour trip down to the Doubtful Sound. During the wait we met people from Australia, the UK, and someone who had a yacht docked in Greece. Kathy explained that we had a canoe. He did not seem impressed with our tiny vessel. We finally loaded onto the boat in stages; our “Go Orange” tour was the last group to board. A quick 45-minute trip down Lake Manapouri had us docking at a visitor center for the hydroelectric plant. We were then the first to clamber on our bus to take us to our cruise into Doubtful Sound (actually a fiord, but the people who named it didn’t know that at the time!). Just like Syracuse University, the “Go Orange” tour might have started out behind, but we overtook the opposing groups to get ahead at the end. A beautiful bus trip up and then a winding dirt road through a steep pass gave us spectacular views of waterfalls, the sound, and even a Kea “snacking” on a dead possum. Arriving at the next loading dock, we boarded the boat which took us through a magical journey of the beauty of New Zealand. Lots of pictures and meeting lots of people from around the world was a great way to spend the day. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the pictures that we took!!

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  1. Wonderful pictures, lived the pictures of you two. But, Kathy, when you were in the pictures, some of your face was chopped off.

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