Keppler Trail 02/12/2020

A magical day hiking the Keppler Trail—this is what I imagined New Zealand to be like: a lush tropical area that was a scene right out of a Jurassic Park movie. Imagining at any moment a dinosaur coming out of the ferns and trees was not hard. The hike an easy lope, for the most part, and ended up at a crystal-clear lake where the view was marred by the old European man swimming in a speedo in the lake. A passerby commented, “Europeans!” That said it all. Thankfully we had other places to look. It was sad to take the hike back to our car and move on to our next stop. Along the way Kathy put her boot in her mouth, all the way down her gullet, where it exited!! Towards the end of our nine-mile hike she saw a baby being carried in a carrier by her mom, she said, “I want one of those.” — referring to the carrier. Little did she know that the woman was nursing her baby while carrying her. The look on her face generated a lot of laughter between Kathy and Dave!!

Having got all our steps in, we decided to head to the coast and find a holiday park, which was interesting. It is a motor home suburb where, unfortunately, there was not a planner and each vehicle just look for an open spot. A little bit like a Dr. Seuss neighborhood, anything goes. Find a spot and park it. Met a young lady who, with her boyfriend, is taking a 15-month trip around the world and is on her last month of traveling before he goes home. I have been surprised by the amount of people we have met who are taking long trips, rarely are they from the U.S. A. I think we work way too much!! Tomorrow we take a trip to Doubtful Sound.

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