02/16/2020 And the van was a’rockin!! Boundary Creek Camping near Wanaka , NZ

Two days after St. Valentines Day and the van was a’ rockin’!! Get you mind out of the gutter, please!!!! It was a rocking due to the typhon winds from Cyclone Uesi that just came in off the ocean. The gusts caused the van to rock back and forth and the smattering of rain was so hard at times it sounded as if the campervan was being pelted with pebbles. A good time to watch a movie and contemplate how dinner would be cooked if we can’t open a door while we use our gas stove. Handy-Dandy Dave, Mr. Preparedness extraordinaire, made meatballs w/marinara and penne pasta. Great dinner!! The day started out awesome!! A nice shower – a luxury that we will never take for granted again – and then off to find our next destination. A great conversation around the dump station with a retired physician from the UK, “Doc Martin”, gave us our next idea and off we were to see the lake that bordered the campground. While not conducive for hiking it was still a great day to relax and hang out. We also saw a very beautiful sunset over the mountains.

The rain gave way the next morning to rainbows and unicorns! Okay, maybe not unicorns, but we could hope. We were treated to the most magnificent rainbow either of us have ever seen in our lives. It was a huge, full arc and the colors were so vibrant, you could see all of ROY G VIV! After the great show, we took a quick drive into town where we got to see #ThatWanakaTree, the “hot” tourist destination in the local area. Today, we head off after lunch to find some mountains and run away from the sand flies that are pretty similar to the black flies of Saranac Lake, but hungrier! We hope to visit Mt. Aspiring National Park and then Franz Josef Glacier along the coast. Let the cyclone beware – it has never seen the likes of Cyclone KathyAndDave!!

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