Feeling Inspired!! 02/17/2020 Mount Aspiring National Park

A day in the life of a world traveler includes an inspirational stop at the “Blue Pools” in Mount Aspiring National Park. Much to Dave’s dismay, however, the pools were not blue, but rather a putrid green due to the heavy rains in the area lately. Even a color-blind person could see that they were not blue. We hiked a short distance and came to a bridge which advised us have no more than 10 people on the bridge. Our question was: does size matter? It must, as on the way back someone waited for Dave and Kathy to cross. Kathy asked him, “Are we the size of 10 people?” The gentleman graciously said, “Of course not!” We are not sure of his sincerity. The travel through the rain forests of New Zealand has been a delightful of green and mostly sunny but with a steady spritzing of rain…not hard enough to keep the sand flies away, and not light enough to go without a rain jacket.

A stop at a holiday park for the night allowed us to feel even more invigorated. (Hot showers can do that!) We felt inspired to complete our 2019 federal and state taxes, do our laundry, and a give the campervan a good cleaning. The internet was so good that Kathy was able to call her mom and her friend Lisa in North Carolina.

Off to the glaciers!

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