I am King of the Mountain!! 02/21/2020 Castle Rock, New Zealand

It was the best day ever!!! No more campervan! And even better, we have a brand new car that zips along and does not strain going up the numerous mountains in NZ. Dave was definitely the “King of the Mountain”, both while zipping past slower vehicles and gleefully laughing at each driver of a campervan, and also on our hike. While Kathy exercised caution, Dave bravely clambered up the rocks and leaned over to look at the view to be had from the highest rock in the bunch. The hills were covered with limestone rocks that attract visitors from all over the world. The area is a sacred area for the Maori people in New Zealand and some areas included burial sites, similar to Effigy Mounds NP in the US. We did not see those, as they are not open to visitors, but the rocks themselves were a fun place to play. Dave climbed over, under, and across the many areas while Kathy climbed up but stayed off anything that might require grace. She understands her limitations!!

Just in time, we headed back down the mountain before it started to rain. Just because everyone should say this at some point, “It was a dark and stormy” day and night. It rained and rained and rained and we saw areas flowing with rapid water. Water streamed from the sides of the mountain and we saw one area under repair getting ready to collapse. At points visibility was limited, but in one area we had the good fortune to see the elusive Kiwi Bird. The good side to all of the rain? We saw numerous waterfalls, sometimes dozens at a time.

We are at our AirBnB now and Kathy is in heaven!! It has a living room, dining, kitchen (small), bedroom, and a TUB!!! Ahhh, the joy of shaved legs – a luxury you don’t know you miss until you can’t shave!! A nice walk to the market, a bath, and now time to settle in and watch the rain. Dave will enjoy a real bed where he can stretch out to his heart’s delight.

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