Queen of the Mountain 02/22/2020 Hokitika, New Zealand

We are still feeling delightfully pampered, after a real dinner last night, sleep in a bed that is already assembled, and a leisurely breakfast with coffee for Kathy. Nice to see Kathy after a couple of cups of coffee!! The morning was spent just doing routine stuff, no having to check out of a campsite or tear down the bed to make room for the table — just feeling royal at this point.

This afternoon saw us go down to the center of the village where we took a walk along a historic trail. Historic buildings were interspersed with more modern buildings. It was an interesting walk. A quick decision and we decided to walk along the “West Coast Wilderness Track”, which ran along a road and railroad track on one side and a river on the other side. It passed by a dairy factory, and then went through a neighborhood. Some “wilderness track”! Yet, we did get to see an egret and climb a tree!! After walking about an hour, we headed back and decided to visit the Hokitika Gorge! An amazing view of the gorge from a swinging bridge. While the river was not turquoise, it was still amazing to watch. It flowed under us from the bridge. We hiked to the end of the trail which saw us at the river’s edge with a slew of boulders along the banks. Kathy climbed atop the highest rock and declared herself “Queen of the Mountain.” Thankfully, she didn’t slip on the wet rocks to find herself “kissing” a few frogs in the fast-moving river.

After another normal dinner, we walked to mass. The rest of the night was spent just chillin’ at the nice Aribnb. Sometimes the best times are spent with each other doing a pile of nothing.

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  1. Thanks for all the photos, it is a daily treat for us to check up on your adventure, and they really enhance your blog.

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