Day 10—Wow in the double digits!!! 01/13/2020

A day at the zoo!!! No, we did not stay in the apartment with Jill and Shea!! San Diego Zoo was the next stop in our adventure. We walked for 5 hours, had over 14,000 steps with only 13 heart points. A fun day all around. We saw, lions, and tigers, and bears Oh My!!!! A lively conversation ensued about which animals we might see during our travels. We will let you know!!

Dinner was an amazing Mexican meal from Guadalajara Casa Restaurant, by far the best we have experienced. A drive thru Old Town to look at some of the architecture and then back to our lodgings.

The day was concluded by spending the evening relaxing with Jill and Shea as they had a 05:30 rendezvous with train heading to Eugene Oregon.

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