T-290 days and counting – San Diego, California, USA

U-turns seems to be the theme of California; could be the GPS, could be the GPS operator, could be California. The day started off well with a brisk workout and then off to brunch with Grandpa Jack. This led to our first U-turn: two streets named the same except one is East and one is West, and they don’t connect! A perfect way to confuse out of towners. A quick call to get some clarification and we finally arrived at our destination.
After brunch we headed down to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano where we toured the historic site, learned some new historical facts, and soaked in the warm sun!! A few hours later we were on the road to our next stop, San Diego.

A decision to drive the Pacific Coast Highway necessitated another U-turn when we were politely turned around by a State Park Ranger who informed us that we had met the terminus. We tried to figure out if we could continue forward, but Camp Pendleton stood in our way a few miles down the road. The ranger implied that the reception might not be as kindly. U-turn!

We finally arrived at our destination: a cute AirBnB in San Diego located close to amenities and restaurants – and a small wildlife refuge!. A stroll down to the local shopping areas for a dinner at Ike’s—Jill’s one “have to” place to have a bite to eat and then meandered back to the room. A casual night followed as we all caught up on some much needed rest.

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  1. Glad you are having a good time. Even if at times it gets frustrating. Years, and I mean years ago, I had been in San Diego and also been to San Juan Capistrano. Have fun. Love, Mom.

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