03/10/2020 Penguin Parade Phillips Island, Australia

Today started out quiet, breakfast (Dave chocolate milk with his shredded wheat—yes really – that’s all they had), haircut for him, and some exercises to get the blood flowing to our brains. Trying to find a barber we walked past the Australian Supreme Court where we got to see attorney’s (barrister) in the long black robes and white wigs. Then, it was time to take a trip to the Indian Ocean to see if we can find some penguins.

What a trip! We found Cape Barron geese, a Black-Shouldered Kite carrying a large rat (this is a bird of prey), Echidna (a type of anteater that is a mammal, but lays eggs—one of only two mammals who do that), Little Blue Penguins, Wallabies (a type of smaller kangaroo), Australian magpies, an endangered Bandicoot (technically extinct in the wild, but there are efforts to restore them),Australasian mudhens and shearwings (two types of large birds.) It was like being in a really large wild animal park!! A long walk along the coast rewarded us with some amazing views of the Indian Ocean. The evening was spent watching the penguin parade at the nature reserve. No photos were allowed because the penguins have very sensitive eyes, especially in the dark, so here is a link from the site so that you can watch the parade.https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=penguin+parade+video&view=detail&mid=E1933286ADABFFB81980E1933286ADABFFB81980&FORM=VIRE

Just as the little guys started coming out of the water and crossing the rocks and sand to find their homes, a huge, full, orange moon started to rise over the mountains across the water. It was the best moonrise we have ever seen! It was so bright, Dave saw the orange light well before it started to peek over the horizon – and wondered if there was a city over there.

Amazing day all in all!! Enjoy the pictures. Dave’s photos from his SLR camera will come later.

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